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    Special Collections

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    Special Collections

    Post by ursaguy on Mon Apr 21, 2014 12:40 pm

    Unlike roster collections, which all provide you with coin rewards, special collections are an assortment of players with some kind of thematic connection. The reward for finishing these collections can vary greatly, but is usually a legend card. Some special collections are made from the start of the season, while others will pop up for events or awards from time to time.

    Legendary Lakers:X/7
    Reward: Magic Johnson Legend card

    Legendary Celtics:X/11
    Reward: Larry Bird Legend card

    Living Legends:X/11
    Reward: Tim Duncan Living Legend card

    Legends Collection:X/98
    Reward: Michael Jordan Legend card

    3 Point Shootout 2014:X/7

    Reward: Reggie Miller Legend card and Ray Allen Living Legend card

    Dunk Contest 2014:X/6

    Reward: Vince Carter Living Legend card and Pete Maravich Legend card

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