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    Pro League 2: League Of Legends Introduction

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    Pro League 2: League Of Legends Introduction Empty Pro League 2: League Of Legends Introduction

    Post by ursaguy on Sun Apr 20, 2014 11:44 pm

    The Pro League comes back and stronger than ever. Unfortunately for you, legends of the NBA past have also come back, and they're looking to defend against you!

    The Pro League 2 will feature all-new legend cards, because it's not Basketball Legends without some basketball legends. If the 2014 Pistons felt a bit easy to you, try your luck against the late 80s Bad Boy Pistons, and take home an Isaiah Thomas card if you come home successful.

    Pro League 2 does not feature challenges like the original, but rather requires you to win a few 7 game series against historic teams from that franchises' history. It's not enough to beat Iverson's Sixers squad, you need to take down Dr. J, Barkley, and Moses Malone if you want a reward-And the rewards will be well worth it.

    Along with a ton of coins, winning a contest in the Pro League of Legends will give you one of 103 brand new Legend cards! These cards represent the greatest men in NBA history, and you'll need to collect them all in order to get Michael Jordan on your team.

    You can only play against a team in the Pro League 2 if you have already beat that team's challenges in Pro League 1.

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