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    Collection Checklist

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    Collection Checklist Empty Collection Checklist

    Post by ursaguy on Sun Apr 20, 2014 7:58 pm

    To start collecting, just take your excess cards and paste them under their current team name.

    Atlanta Hawks:X/11

    Boston Celtics:X/11

    Brooklyn Nets:X/13

    Charlotte Bobcats:X/10

    Chicago Bulls:X/9

    Cleveland Cavaliers:X/10

    Dallas Mavericks:X/8

    Denver Nuggets:X/15

    Detroit Pistons:X/9

    Golden State Warriors:X/12

    Houston Rockets:X/10

    Indiana Pacers:X/10

    L.A. Clippers:X/11

    L.A. Lakers:X/10

    Memphis Grizzlies:X/14

    Miami Heat:X/11

    Milwaukee Bucks:X/11

    Minnesota Timberwolves:X/11

    New Orleans Pelicans:X/11

    New York Knicks:X/12

    Oklahoma City Thunder:X/10

    Orlando Magic:X/9

    Philadelphia 76ers:X/10

    Phoenix Suns:X/10

    Portland Trail Blazers:X/10

    Sacramento Kings:X/10

    San Antonio Spurs:X/13

    Toronto Raptors: X/12

    Utah Jazz:X/8

    Washington Wizards:X/10

    The amount of players fluctuates greatly across each team. This doesn't really mean anything, and most have 10-11.

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