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    Buckeyefan's Team Empty Buckeyefan's Team

    Post by buckeyefan837 on Sun May 05, 2013 9:23 am

    Team Name: Ohio FC
    Favorite EPL Team: Everton Toffees
    League Teams Defeated:

    Current Starting XI: 66 Overall (4-3-3)

    Buckeyefan's Team GK_zps8a4149a4

    Buckeyefan's Team LB_zps25124b43Buckeyefan's Team CB1_zpsadd14613Buckeyefan's Team CB2_zps3f560afdBuckeyefan's Team Clifford_zps45238b59

    Buckeyefan's Team CM1_zps838fadfcBuckeyefan's Team CM2_zps6d5aed90Buckeyefan's Team CAM_zpse2a987e7

    Buckeyefan's Team LW_zps52119a6dBuckeyefan's Team ST_zps46a089eaBuckeyefan's Team Downing_zpscc52f122

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